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Youth and Equal Cities: Round Table Discussions Summary

On March 19, 2024, within the Erasmus + Project MAAT, we had the privilege of hosting various distinguished speakers and guests in Prostor Miljenko Dereta in Belgrade. They engaged in a discussion regarding the inclusion of young people in the development of equitable cities.

Virdžinija Djeković Miketić, an activist, cultural worker, and PhD student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, emphasized the significance of communication with young individuals. She highlighted that many young people don't perceive urban spaces as their own or feel a sense of belonging or identification with them.

Ljubica Slavković, an urban planner at the expert organization Nova Planska Praksa and a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, cited the "Understand the City" program by CKZD (Centre for Cultural Decontamination) as an example. This program hosts dialogues with young people about urban space issues. Surprisingly, many young people lack opinions on their favorite urban areas in Belgrade or express dissatisfaction with urban spaces.

Dr. Ana Djordjević, a psychologist and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade, highlighted the politicization of urban discourse and its detachment from the perceptions of young people. She noted that official policies and politicians often alienate young individuals by infantilizing them, discouraging their involvement in urban affairs.

Milan Antonijević, the director of Havas Adriatic, echoed previous sentiments and indicated that messages from the European Union regarding Serbia's urban issues and youth involvement in them are sometimes unclear and disconnected from local contexts. All speakers agreed that while the "Youth Offices" provided at the institutional level, often fail to function effectively and lack credibility among the youth they aim to engage.

As part of the ongoing MAAT project, Placemaking Western Balkans will host another expert round table on involving young people in creating equitable cities, featuring international guests.

If you're interested in participating, please reach out to us at

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