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Making a City on Her Scale

Under the Erasmus + Programme funding scheme, in the next three years Placemaking Balkans will develop MAAT learning programme on youth and gender mainstreaming in public spaces together with CIP - Citizens In Power (Cypres), Universita Telematica Internazionale - Uninettuno (Italy) Helix Connect Europe (Romania) and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (Italy).

This year, our first joint step is delving into experimental and engaging work with youth to reveal the problems, challenges and fears young women experience in their everyday lives in complex urban environments, due to prevailing gender inequality and poor urban design standards. In the next 6 months, Placemaking Balkans will stage 4 Youth Policy Labs, each one examining one of the following topics:

A/ How urban public infrastructures don’t serve women?

B/ How women are penalised in terms of urban mobility?

C/ How urban planning is not considering women needs?

D/ How women are more exposed to sexual assault in urban areas?

The Youth Policy Labs in Belgrade will expose how physical infrastructures of the city are missing the necessary design elements important for young women. The Labs will also map women perspectives on the quality of public spaces, namely street infrastructure.


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