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URBAN 500 Citizen Science for Walkability

From June 2024 on, Placemaking Western Balkans is part of the Horizon EU Citizen Science Accelerator IMPETUS Programme. We are going to develop URBAN 500 - a unique citizens-generated database on walkability in the Balkans and SEE region.

URBAN 500 will use digital solutions and placemaking values to understand how citizens experience public spaces while walking 500 steps. In the rapidly densifying cities of the region, walkability is under tremendous pressure and is increasingly threatened by car dependency.

One of the goals of URBAN 500 is to encourage more active participation of residents in urban renewal of their neighbourhoods. With the field measurements using digital solutions, URBAN 500 relies on capturing and visualising genuine responses from the citizens, in order to create better, safer and more walkable streets. Besides providing a framework for coherent and meaningful participation of different citizen groups, the project will also raise awareness about the values of walkability, proximity and 15 minute / 500 steps city. 

Placemaking Western Balkans is included in the IMPACT Accelerator as an international think-tank that provides innovative integration of public space design, citizen science and development of web-based digital tools. We will design, implement and measure the effects of our URBAN 500 approach over the course of 7 months on locations in Belgrade, with the possibility to expand it further to other cities. 

The IMPETUS Accelerator programme is guided by the King’s College London, Ars Electronica, EUSEA - European Science Engagement Association, NESTA, Science for Change, T6 Ecosystems and Zabala Innovation.


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