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Placemaking for Climate Adaptation

Placemaking and climate adaptation go hand in hand. By leveraging different placemaking strategies, cities can transform its public spaces into vibrant areas that enhance community resilience and environmental sustainability.

Belgrade, and in general cities in Serbia and the Balkans need new integrated approaches to climate adaptation, especially those who are integrating green infrastructure. Green infrastructure is not anymore just about making a “public park to recreate and meet”, this infrastructure needs to address challenges such as such as flooding due to excessive rainfall, urban heat islands, air pollution and loss of biodiversity due to uncontrolled urban densification without losing ints social and aesthetic qualities. 

The recent EEA report on Urban Adaptation in Europe shows a variety of approaches across the continent. Placemaking Western Balkans has contributed to this report with a feature of one of our community engagement projects in Belgrade - a small patch of no-mans green area in a neighbourhood, with a potential to answer to the challenges of green adaptation. This placemaking holistic approach to co-design not only safeguards the environment but also fosters a stronger, more connected community. You can read more about it in the EEA report on this link:


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